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当学生们离开艾莉·克利舍的霍尔马克艺术强化课程时, they do so with a portfolio that showcases their talents as artists and spotlights their stories as creators.

参加马克人文学科研讨会的学生将研究和分析第一手资料, 与专家, and worked independently to see a months- long project through from concept to public presentation. 贺曼生物科技的学生, 环境科学, 无机化学类, 与此同时, will come away with hands-on laboratory and learning experiences gained while exploring relevant current fields.

或许最重要的是, students in each of these classes — and all MHS Hallmark courses — will have learned alongside expert faculty who are knowledgeable about the subjects they teach and intensely committed to sharing that knowledge with students.


“当我回顾我的教育, nothing is more powerful than being in a class with a teacher who is truly passionate about what they are teaching and when they are mentoring you through challenging material,73年的学院院长丽莎·阿尔伯蒂说. “对我来说,的确如此 (长期担任MHS数学教师)Jim Ervin 还有他对地质学的热爱. 他是一位伟大的数学老师, 但是当他教地质学的时候, 他充满活力,分享着他的激情,这让我永远热爱这个主题.”

这就是霍尔小姐特色课程的特色. 现在是他们的第三年, 这些有远见, 高级课程为学生提供个性化的课程, 深入, 和持续的调查, 并允许教师将他们的专业知识带进课堂,在考试之外进行教学. 他们还让学生在独立研究中接触到先进的工作, 深入分析, 与批判性思维的, 学院和大学在未来的学生中寻求的技能.


跨学科和探究, the classes have supplanted Advanced Placement (AP) classes as the most challenging courses in the MHS academic program, 以及学生们的欢迎, 教职员工——以及各大院校——都非常积极.

“We have found students to be incredibly engaged and incredibly willing to put the hours of work into the course, 因为这对他们很重要,院长阿尔伯蒂说. “Our faculty have responded enthusiastically because it allows them to teach subjects they love to teach, and the success of the Hallmark experience is also something that speaks very well to our colleges, because they can see that if a student can handle the rigors of a Hallmark class and that level of independence, 他们在大学里也会有类似的经历.”

大学希望学生做过跨学科的研究, 协作, 基于项目的工作, 这就是Hallmark的课程——以及bet皇冠体育所有的高级选修课——所提供的.


事实上, how colleges would perceive the transition from Advanced Placement to Hallmark courses was the subject of considerable discussion within and beyond MHS in conversations dating to at least 2016, 如果不早. 这项决定进行了广泛的研究, 学术咨询主任Sarah Virden说, 她在妇幼保健学院当了20年的大学辅导员.

“在开始bet皇冠体育的Hallmark计划之前的很多年, we had been working closely with our college partners with what we were planning for our curriculum, and we were not surprised to learn that our partners were very excited and interested in our plans,”女士解释说. Virden.

bet皇冠体育决定bet皇冠体育可以提供先进的, 严格的课程可以让学生更好地掌握大学所需的技能,Dean Alberti补充道. “Our Hallmark courses are designed with years of research on our part and looking at the academic skills, 思维的习惯——独立工作的能力, 进行深入研究, and to engage with challenging materials — that students need as a stepping-stone to their college experience.”


“大学希望学生做过跨学科的研究, 协作, 基于项目的工作, 这就是Hallmark的课程——以及bet皇冠体育所有的高级选修课——所提供的,”女士指出. 舱口Blauvelt, 在2017年加入霍尔小姐之前,她曾在大学财政援助部门工作, 并继续与各高校的招生官员密切合作.

学生的经历描绘了这幅画面. 以Hallmark Art Intensive为例. The course is designed for students who are ready to make a leap from working off assignments from a teacher to concept-driven art-making practices that advance their work as artists.

“The portfolios that students are making in Hallmark Art tell their story on their college applications,”女士指出. 她是表现艺术系的伊丽莎白·盖切尔·克莱因主任. “这项工作对他们来说非常有意义, because they made it for reasons that aren’t just to check a box or get a ‘5’ on an AP portfolio. 他们制作它是因为他们在乎它.”

同样的, students in the Hallmark Humanities seminar will have engaged in advanced-level research into a chosen topic of interest. Dr. Alexander is the 历史 Department Chair and co-teaches the Hallmark Humanities seminar with 英语 Teacher Rebecca Cook-Dubin. 他将其与自己曾经教授的AP U课程进行了比较.S. 历史.

“That course is very content-driven; it’s a very 20th century course,” he explains. “它是在信息还没有民主化的时代发展起来的, 因此,基于内容的类有其优点, 因为那是你学习材料的方式. 随着信息革命的到来,这些都变得无关紧要了. 离开AP后,我可以在意大利开设Hallmark文艺复兴课程.”

这个新的Hallmark课程的灵感来自于Dr. 亚历山大皇冠体育app15世纪法庭案件的博士著作, 同时也探索了14世纪到16世纪之间的文化爆发.

2022-23学年的课程目录包括16门Hallmark课程和25门高级选修课. 在一起, these challenging courses offer MHS students opportunities to design an academic path that suits their interests and puts them on a path for success in college. Hallmark环境科学是明年新开设的四门课程之一. 微积分II,女性历史,和博士. 亚历山大文艺复兴时期的意大利班是其他的.

Moving beyond the AP curriculum enabled the Science Department to bring to the forefront course offerings that allow for deep dives into relevant current topics both in its Hallmark and Upper Level elective offerings, 系主任唐娜·戴格尔说.

bet皇冠体育能够脱离由外部来源规定的课程, 作为一名教员, 它真的打开了世界——天空是极限,”女士指出. Daigle. “当bet皇冠体育做出这种转变时, it really opened up the capacity for us to teach from our passions and bring that to our students in a way unavailable to us when teaching based on the AP standards.”

马克环境科学就是一个很好的例子, 明年将由科学老师Kennedy Raimer授课.

生物学专业的学生在珀金斯池塘工作. Raimer.

“这是一门关注当地环境、bet皇冠体育当地生态系统的课程。. Daigle曾教授AP环境科学. “肯尼迪一直倡导更多的实地工作,这真的是她的激情所在. 她作为这一领域的专家所带来的东西是无价的.”

Students in Science Teacher Jennifer LaForest’s Hallmark Inorganic Chemistry class recently completed a project in which they built 3-D models, 研究某种药物对社会的影响, 然后制作海报来说明他们的发现. Ms. 戴格尔在十年前开设了“女性健康与全球问题”课程. 她在教授解剖学时注意到了这一点 & 生理学之前,很多研究材料都是基于“普通”男性的身体.

“世界上有很多皇冠体育app女性健康的事情, 我以为在女子学校, 这是bet皇冠体育在课程中探讨这个话题的机会,”她补充道. “我看到了一个机会并抓住了它, and to have that autonomy as an educator to come up with an idea and pursue it is something I really value about Miss Hall’s.”

随着贺曼课程的不断发展,贺曼老师对课程的要求越来越高. 舱口Blauvelt笔记, 然而, that the goal for students should not be to “stack” as many Hallmark classes as possible into their course load. 而, colleges prefer to see a student who carefully chooses courses based on academic interest and strengths.

这段旅程从九年级和十年级开始, 提供技能的基础课程——研究, 写作, 还有分析,这是成功完成高级课程的基础. 当学生们从大二的经历中走出来的时候,他们遇到了Ms. Virden和女士. 舱口Blauvelt, 与课堂老师协调工作, 顾问, 和父母, 为他们的大三、大四以及以后的学习设定道路.

Upper Level Electives — yearlong and semester classes — and Hallmark courses offer a voice and choice in that path, 每个MHS学生的个性化课程是什么. 所有班级的学术参与度都很高, which provide 深入 study and complement what students are going to be asked to engage in when they get to college.

詹姆斯·布鲁克, 前记者, 局长, 也是《bet皇冠体育》的驻外记者, 参观了4月份的全球事务研讨会.

“大学希望看到修过各种课程的学生,”她说. 舱口Blauvelt解释说. “他们不指望一个人能专攻高中. They want to know that a student has all of the foundational skills and those higher-level skills of being able to work independently, 做深入研究, 接触有挑战性的材料, 这样他们上大学后就可以专攻了. Hallmark和视野,这是bet皇冠体育的学生脱颖而出的方式,而不是通过堆积考试和测验.”

“Our focus is on preparing students for their future — for college and beyond,Dean Alberti补充道. “bet皇冠体育致力于教会他们变得坚强, 坚强的学习者,这样当他们进入任何环境时, they have strong self-knowledge and are able to navigate the ups and downs they will inevitably encounter.”

当学生们提出能够推动他们学习的问题时,你会得到最深刻的参与, 这就是你们在这些课程中可以做的.


学生学习深入研究,探索多种资源,并分析这些资源. 他们独立工作, 同时也和其他学生合作, 他们会接触到更高层次的内容. Many of the courses also seek to make connections with outside experts and organizations that further broaden the student experience. 与此同时,教师们有能力深入研究课题并量身定制课程.

“当学生们提出能够推动他们学习的问题时,你会得到最深刻的参与, 这就是你们在这些课程中可以做的,Dean Alberti补充道.

马克艺术史的学生, 例如, 充分利用了伯克郡的文化资源, 参观一些博物馆. “我看到bet皇冠体育的学生准备得非常充分,院长阿尔伯蒂说, 谁和他们一起旅行. “如果你在学习艺术史, 你需要学习艺术分析的词汇并练习这些技能, 你需要看到艺术. 这将为他们在大学里学习艺术史做好准备.”


阿尔伯蒂院长特别自豪的是,课程被列在不止一个系, breaking down pillars between departments and helping students see how learning is connected across disciplines. 人文学科研讨会计入英语或历史学分, 例如, 艺术史作为表现艺术或历史学分.

“标志”进入第四年, 她很高兴看到他们的发展方向和进一步的发展. 到目前为止, 他们取得了绝对的成功, 学生和教师对这种变化充满热情.

“这些课程很严格, 他们是令人兴奋的, 它们是动态的, 这也是教师与学生分享专业知识的机会,院长阿尔伯蒂说. “bet皇冠体育的学术课程是设计好的, bet皇冠体育的课程是创建的, 教授技能, 覆盖材料, 并提供知识,让学生们准备好在大学和以后蓬勃发展.”